4 Methods to Know It’s Time To Exchange Your Water Heater

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As somebody who not too long ago skilled a damaged water heater — and the sense of panic that happens if you see water on the basement flooring — I do know first hand how necessary it’s to have the ability to acknowledge the indicators that it’s time to exchange your water heater. 

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Right here’s what you have to find out about water heaters in your house, together with how lengthy they sometimes final and indicators that it is likely to be time to purchase a brand new one.

Clearly, a water heater heats your own home’s water, but it surely goes just a little additional than that. Sometimes present in a basement or utility room, a water heater is chargeable for taking the chilly water that enters the house and heating it to a snug temperature for bathing and washing dishes and garments.

To do that, most water heaters appear like giant cylinders and maintain and warmth a certain amount of water. For those who’ve ever had a lot of folks take showers in sooner or later, you may very well run out of scorching water and have to attend for the tank to refill and reheat.

How lengthy does a water heater final, precisely?

Water heaters final about eight to 10 years and a few can last as long as 12. However a water heater also can have to be changed earlier if one thing goes incorrect.

How do I do know it’s time to exchange my water heater?

Let’s check out the right way to understand it’s time to exchange your water heater.

A leak from the recent water heater signifies there’s an issue, however it could not imply you have to change the whole water heater. In some instances, a leak is brought on by a unfastened or defective drain valve or inlet and outlet connections that simply have to be tightened.

One other frequent drawback that causes leaks is a corroded anode rod. The anode rod attracts corrosive elements within the tank so the tank itself doesn’t corrode. However because the anode rod corrodes it will definitely turns into nonexistent and the tank can leak within the spot the place the anode rod is meant to be. If the corrosion hasn’t but reached the tank, the anode rod might be changed as an alternative of the entire water heater.

If the leak is the results of a corroded or cracked tank, then it’s time to exchange the water heater.

Rust in your water is an indication that one thing is amiss, although it’s not at all times brought on by the water heater itself. Rusty water might be the results of rusty pipes, but it surely may also be the results of rust contained in the water heater. 

To find out if the rust is coming from the water heater, you’ll be able to drain a couple of buckets of water from the tank utilizing the drain valve. If the water comes out clear (you could must fill a couple of buckets to ensure), then it’s in all probability the pipes. If the water nonetheless seems rusty after a couple of buckets, it’s in all probability time to exchange the tank.

It’s making uncommon noises.

Uncommon sounds coming from, effectively, something normally isn’t a very good signal, and the identical goes in your water heater. A rumbling, banging, knocking, or popping water heater wants rapid consideration. A standard trigger is a buildup of sediment within the backside of the tank, which implies the tank must be drained — which must be finished each few months as preventative upkeep. If it’s been awhile, draining the tank might repair the issue. But when sediment constructed up an excessive amount of or was left for too lengthy, it could imply that the tank is cracked and leaks aren’t far behind.

You’re abruptly taking chilly showers.

Chilly showers have their advantages, however when you’re taking them involuntarily, it’s time to examine the water heater. A water heater takes chilly water from the pipes and heats it within the tank. When the recent water is turned on on the faucet, the water heater releases scorching water. For those who’re not getting any scorching water from the tap, that would point out that the water tank is leaking and doesn’t have reserves of scorching water.

Or, possibly it’s simply the pilot mild.

There may be a difficulty with the pilot mild, the flame contained in the water heater that does the heating. If so, test with a plumber, but it surely would possibly simply imply the pilot mild went out and needs to be relit. You might also want to regulate the thermostat or change the heating factor moderately than change the whole tank.

How can I make my water heater final?

Changing a scorching water heater prices cash and may trigger stress. And potential leaks may cause injury to the encircling space and any belongings which are saved close to it. Whereas a water heater will finally put on out, preventative upkeep can prolong its life. Some belongings you (or your plumbers) ought to do repeatedly embrace:

Although common inspections and upkeep take a while and generally cash, it could possibly prevent the stress of getting to exchange your scorching water heater prematurely. You can too contemplate a tankless scorching water heater that provides scorching water on-demand moderately than storing water in a big tank and may last as long as 20 years.

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