The Downside with That Stylish Dried Flower Look — And The way to Repair It

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Whereas a vase of fresh-cut flowers is gorgeous, there’s solely a brief window of time earlier than these valuable petals begin to wilt. And since nobody enjoys throwing out shriveled or soggy blooms, it explains the present craze with dried florals: They by no means die. From fluffy pampas grass to bleached ferns, you’ll be able to’t scroll on social media with out seeing some number of dried blooms. Each sensible and fairly, you’ll find them in nearly any texture or hue, all of which can lend a little bit of boho magnificence to your area. 

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Despite the fact that their lengthy lifespan trumps that of their recent counterparts, they do include one severe disadvantage: They have an inclination to get dusty, like actually dusty. And anybody who has dared to scrub the brittle petals of dried flowers is aware of this may cut back them to a pile of ashes quicker than a vampire in daylight. So what’s one to do? It turns on the market are a number of methods you’ll be able to protect your dried florals and preserve them from turning into mud magnets, and these three are my favourite. 

Shield them with a transparent sealant.

One factor you rapidly understand when arranging dried flowers is simply how fragile the petals are. Any quantity of motion may trigger them to crumble and contribute to the mud subject. By spraying them with a transparent sealant, it coats the petals, making them hardier and fewer prone to collapse. 

There are particular floral protectant sprays you should purchase, that are primarily a transparent lacquer or acrylic sealant, or you might additionally use an extra-hold aerosol hair spray. One benefit the floral sprays carry over hairspray, although, is they provide UV safety to maintain the colour from fading. However for those who comply with the golden rule of dried flowers, which is to maintain them out of direct daylight, both possibility will work.

Mud them with a flower cleaner spray.

When you’ve sprayed your dried flowers with a transparent sealant, it ought to assist repel some mud for a bit. Nevertheless it received’t preserve them clear over the lengthy haul. For this, you’ll want a distinct type of spray formulated to scrub fake or dried flowers. 

It’s a water-based product designed to be utilized as soon as a month. Once you spray it in your dried flowers, it freshens them up and makes any mud invisible. And there’s no have to wipe afterward, both. Simply make sure you spray from a distance of 12 inches in order to not hurt the petals with the sturdy bursts of air. 

Mud them with a hair dryer.

If spraying your dried flowers with a cleansing spray as soon as a month appears like an excessive amount of upkeep, you might simply use a hair dryer to blow any mud off each time it turns into noticeable. You’ll wish to use the cool setting, after all, and set the air circulate to low. Then maintain the hair dryer roughly 10 to 12 inches away from the flowers and blow the mud away. 

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