These Succulents Look Like They Have Lips

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There are millions of number of succulents. From petite vegetation to trailing leaves that look nice in hanging baskets, plant mother and father are positive to discover a succulent that may thrive in each area. Widespread succulent home vegetation (notably for learners) embrace Jade vegetation, Aloe Vera, and Snake vegetation, however in the event you’re searching for one thing a bit extra distinctive, take a look at these eye-catching succulents that seem like they’ve human lips.

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Conophytum pageae, generally nicknamed the Lips plant or the Button plant, is a succulent perennial plant that’s native to the Cape Province areas of South Africa.

Nearly stemless, they’ve a compact rising behavior and produce small, spherical fleshy leaves, and a dimpled opening that resemble human lips because of the leaves’ putting pinky-red hue. Through the rising months, the plant produces daisy-like petals which might be grown up by way of the “lips”.

The plant has taken Reddit customers by storm, who’ve been discussing the plant, noting its eye-catching leaves.

“I’m ready for them to start out singing…” one consumer wrote.

“Jogs my memory of the ‘Crimson Dwarf’ episode the place they caught googly eyes on their chins and pretended to be aliens.” stated one other.

“Kinda cute” commented one other.

When you’re occupied with rising your personal Conophytum pageae, it’s value noting that these succulents are extremely uncommon and the right steps must be taken in order that they keep wholesome.

Carissa Kasper, Founding father of Seed & Nourish, advised Condominium Remedy that succulents like Conophytum pageae are a terrific selection for learners as they require minimal care, offered they’re given the correct situations.

“An important situation for Conophytym pageae is to be positioned in vivid mild with minimal direct solar. This implies finding close to a sunny window, ideally Southern-facing, the place it can obtain mild all through the day,” she defined. The right spot could be a foot again and simply to the correct of a Southern-facing window to seize a number of hours of direct morning rays and vivid mild the remainder of the day. Behind a sheer curtain drawn over a Southern-facing window would even be best,”

Kasper famous that it’s essential to not overwater Conophytum pageae—or any kind of succulent—as this could shortly harm the plant.

“You need the soil to utterly dry between waterings. When you stick your finger within the soil and it comes out with none soil clinging to it, that’s when it’s time to water. Don’t be afraid to water deeply – however add it slowly with a number of passes of the watering can and time between for the water to sink in till it begins to empty by way of. When they’re actively rising, this can be as soon as every week. In durations of dormancy, this can be month-to-month or much less.”

Moreover, plant knowledgeable Mike Futia notes the significance of utilizing the correct kind of soil.

“Use a well-draining soil combine particularly designed for succulents or combine your personal utilizing a mixture of potting soil, perlite, and coarse sand,” he says. ” Conophytum pageae don’t want a variety of fertilization, however in the event you select to take action, use a balanced succulent fertilizer at half energy as soon as a month in the course of the rising season.”

Supply: Condominium Remedy

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