Piip is a playful electrical automobile designed by artist Harald Thys

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Belgian artist Harald Thys has collaborated with Brussels gallery and design firm Maniera (opens in new tab) on an exhibition that expands its give attention to distinctive industrial design tasks. Thys is greatest identified for working with Jos de Gruyter, creating dreamlike sculptures and drawings that evoke folks artwork and youngsters’s drawings. 

Piip is an electrical automobile, a design born not from focus teams and many years of fastidiously curated model heritage, however out of Thys’ long-standing obsession with vehicles and automobile tradition. 

(Picture credit score: TBC)

Rear view of blue electric car image on gallery wall

(Picture credit score: TBC)

The design itself references the rounded, proto-aerodynamic types of early mass-market ‘individuals’s vehicles’, mixed with the naïve imagery of a kid’s idealistic illustration – bonnet, passenger compartment, boot.

Wheels and headlights are stored small, with the round motif extending to mirrors and doorhandles. The bodywork is rounded and pleasant, with no aggressive angles or voracious-looking ducts. 

side view image of blue car on wall

(Picture credit score: TBC)

Maniera has all the time been about invited collaborations, bringing architects, artists, and designers collectively to create ‘useful objects’ in a gallery context.

To convey this undertaking to life, Thys labored with Belgian automobile designer Lowie Vermeersch, previously of Pininfarina and now head of the Granstudio mobility design company. 

Exhibition view, ‘Harald Thys, Piip’

The automobile design was developed in collaboration with the Belgian automobile designer Lowie Vermeersch

(Picture credit score: TBC)

For Vermeersch, the partnership was a welcome diversion from the trade’s present path; he describes Piip as ‘a modestly candy design, removed from all of the evil and malicious automobile designs of the final decade’.

For the exhibition, the gallery turns into a digital automobile showroom, full with imaginary branding and 3D-printed fashions.

Gallery exterior

The Piip ‘showroom’ at Maniera Gallery in Brussels

(Picture credit score: TBC)

Model of yellow car on exhibition plinth

(Picture credit score: TBC)

‘Harald Thys: PiiP’

Supply: Wallpaper

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